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Destination Wedding Photographer | Igor Demba | UK Europe Worldwide


Here you can find stories of destination weddings, elopements and couples in love.

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Stacey & Sam { Engaged }

Igor Demba


Stacey & Sam are incredibly good friends, the sort of people I treasure for life big time. So when they asked me to shoot their wedding I was thrilled. They're both journalists and love Starbucks but the similarities pretty much end there dead stop. They're the sort of couple that affirms the idea that opposites attract. Stacey loves TOMS, pink stuff, lots of Glee and more pink stuff. Sam displays an endless amount of checkered shirts in his possesion and has a fine taste in music. The funny thing is once you get to know these two you realise how well fitted they are for each other. Looking forward to your big day Team Stamcey. This session is also featured on Boho Weddings.