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Destination Wedding Photographer | Igor Demba | UK Europe Worldwide


Here you can find stories of destination weddings, elopements and couples in love.

The Last Months

Igor Demba


The last months have been incredible. Hard work, yet incredible. I finished what have been four great years studying in Southampton and man what a journey. The friends and family that I've gained are priceless, it was tough to leave such a precious, talented and terribly good looking people, but I'm sure there's more to come.

I've had the chance to shoot alongside some great photographers, push things forward creatively, learn and experience some amazing cultures and yep, steal these guys mojo! >>> Thanks Sach and John for having me around, you guys are truly something else.

I had been dying to see Ben Howard live, it finally happened and I think the whole crowd became best friends there and then, definitely one not to miss.

Moving back to Peterborough has been kinda weird. People that you knew so well seem strangers after such a long time, so there's a lot of catching up to do. The obvious consumption of mine and Zi's time has been spent on our fast approaching wedding. It's a bit surreal as we've been waiting for this day to come for over two years and it's almost here. I'm nervous, excited, expectant for the adventure that's to come but above all, grateful, for the amazing gift that is Zion Riondino. It's been good to get back to a healthier routine, which pretty much involves, great food, a lot of picnics, family and friends, obviously more food and yep, more picnics.

The wedding season is on full gear and I feel privileged to have witnessed so much goodness already. There's a lot more to come so keep your eyes open and if you have any exciting projects you want to throw at me, get in touch.

Oh did I mention that in 10 weeks I will be a married man to a hot wife?